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Ruger® New Products for 2016


The LCP® II features a short, crisp, single-action trigger with inner trigger safety, improved sights for superior visibility, a larger grip surface for better distribution of recoil forces and an easy-to-rack slide with an improved slide stop mechanism with a last round hold-open. Weighing in at just 10.6 ounces and equipped to hold 6+1 rounds of powerful .380 Auto ammunition, the LCP® II is the ideal back-up gun - compact and light enough that you never have to leave it at home. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Pistol® Compact

With a 3.55" barrel, overall dimensions of 6.65" long, 4.48" high and a weight of 28.75 ounces with an empty magazine, the Ruger American Pistol® Compact model shares all of the features and rugged reliability of the duty-size gun in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package. This new model is chambered in 9mm Luger and is available in both Manual Safety and Pro model configurations. LEARN MORE

Mark IV

While the heavily redesigned Mark IV maintains the same classic outward appearance as the Mark III, it incorporates a significant improvement customers will love - a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy field-stripping. A recessed button in the back of the frame allows the upper receiver to tilt up and off of the grip frame without the use of tools. The bolt simply slides out of the receiver and the barrel can be properly cleaned from chamber to muzzle. LEARN MORE

LCP® with Viridian® E-Series Red Laser

This new addition to the LCP® family has all the same great features of the standard model but with the addition of a Viridian® E-Series laser. This factory-installed, trigger guard-mounted laser has a 635-650 nm (red) wavelength laser with push-button activation and offers consumers a new option for compact, concealed carry. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Pistol® with Manual Safety

The Ruger American Pistol® with Manual Safety maintains all the features of the Pro model, and also comes equipped with an ambidextrous manual safety to meet consumer demand and law enforcement requirements. The manual safety is provided in addition to the standard built-in safety features of the Pro model, including the internal sear block system, integrated trigger safety an no-trigger-pull takedown. LEARN MORE

SR1911® Lightweight Commander-Style in 9mm Luger

Like the SR1911 Lightweight Commander-Style pistol in .45 Auto, this 9mm version features a commander-length slide and an aluminum frame that weigh almost a half-pound less than the all-stainless steel Commander-Style configuration. This model also comes with a new look, including black rubberized grip panels and a gray anodized frame. LEARN MORE

10/22 Takedown® Lite

This newest introduction combines the popular attributes of the 10/22 Takedown line with a new, lighter weight barrel and the Ruger® Modular Stock System. This new barrel configuration consists of a cold hammer-forged alloy steel barrel mated with a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy sleeve. The barrel nut is torqued to precise factory specifications to optimize performance. LEARN MORE

Hawkeye® FTW Hunter

The Hawkeye FTW Hunter features a Natural Gear Camo, laminated wood stock and a stainless steel, cold hammer-forged barrel for exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. The hinged, solid steel floor plate is engraved with the FTW Logo and allows for easy unloading of the rifle without the need to chamber each cartridge. LEARN MORE

Ruger Precision Rifle®

We are proud to announce new enhancements to the highly popular Ruger Precision Rifle®, making a great rifle even better. These models feature a new handguard providing increased scope clearance, a hybrid muzzle brake that reduces felt recoil and a billet aluminum bolt shroud which adds an upgrade that has become popular with Ruger Precision Rifle® owners. LEARN MORE

Ruger American Pistol®

Designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind, the Ruger American Pistol® is built to perform in the harshest conditions. A true American innovation, this pistol was developed through a rigorous "Voice of the Customer" process. LEARN MORE


The Ruger® Silent-SR® sound suppressor features best-in-class materials and advanced design, resulting in a lightweight, compact size and top-tier sound reduction. LEARN MORE

SR22® with 4.50" Barrel

This long slide version of the SR22® has a 4.50" barrel giving customers an alternative model with different balance, both visually and in the hand, and the extended sight radius offers improved accuracy potential. LEARN MORE

SR-556 Takedown®

The new Ruger® SR-556 Takedown® autoloading rifle is an innovative twist on an already innovative rifle. The barrel is removed from the upper receiver by simply moving the slider bar towards the breech, rotating the barrel and pulling it free - no tools required. LEARN MORE

10/22 Takedown® with Target Barrel

The 10/22 Takedown® with Target Barrel shares all the popular attributes of the 10/22 Takedown® line. Readily separated into two subassemblies, the 10/22 Takedown® offers a convenient transport and storage option for the popular 10/22®. LEARN MORE